Petal and Pine

A boutique floral & event design studio based in western Kentucky but making magic in Evansville, Bowling Green, Nashville, Louisville, Lexington & lots of locations in between. We believe in personal attention, custom details, and one of a kind results. 

Our flowers bend and bow and stretch. We like them a little wild, a little loose and as fresh picked as possible. Our vases are usually vintage and our arrangements are never ordinary.  


Owner, magic maker, bucket washer, boss lady

My journey in this business started 25 years ago in my dad's backyard. At five I didn't know I would end up making floral design a career, but I did know I loved plants, flowers, and pretty things. I started out all those years ago making neighborhood girls' crowns, necklaces and bracelets from rose PETALS strung on braided PINE needles -- our name is a nod to those first creations. I have never lost that passion for making ordinary objects into something even more beautiful & I am so thankful that I have found a way to keep doing what I love everyday.