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Notes for your Planning

An easy overview of what to expect on your end when you work with us

Your Timeline

6-12 months before event

-Inquire about your date

- Browse our curated Pinterest boards for floral inspiration

-Complete your New Client questionnaire

-Schedule your creative consult at our farm studio

- Approve Custom Proposal

- Pay 30% retainer & reserve your event date

3-6 months before
- Send us pics as you make design related decisions (i.e. wardrobe, linens, rentals etc) 

6 weeks before
-Gather info from vendors to complete final logistics form
-Finalize RSVPs for accurate table count

1 month before

- Make final invoice updates

- Final Payment due in full

Wedding Day
- JUST get married! It should be your one and only job

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Notes from our Studio

What we'll be creating for you along the way even when we're not chatting.

Our Timeline 

6-12 months before event

- Check our event calendar for inquiry availability

- Take a look at your pinterest board/inspiration, event details & budget to see if we're a good fit for your flower needs

- Gather ideas and info for our creative consult 

- Create a custom visual proposal and itemized quote based on the dream wedding we discussed at your consult

- Adjust Quote as needed to accommodate budget goals

- Jump for joy when we officially get to add your event date to our calendar! 

- Contact our flower farmers with your date and color palette along with any any specific growing request so they can get things planted in time. 

3-6 months before
- Update your design file as you send pics of wardrobe, linens, rentals etc

-Order speciality vases or start scouring antique malls for the perfect vessels

- Create detailed order spreadsheets for your event. One for flowers to make sure we account for every single precious stem. One for supplies so we have all the tape, wire, zip ties, silk ribbon, urns, taper candles and bout pins we need for our tool kit. One for our crew so we have all our favorite designers and production assistants scheduled to pull off your event. 

6 weeks before
- Reach out to you/your planner/vendors to get all the logistical and time line details we need to produce your day flawlessly. 
- Check in with our flower farmers and wholesale suppliers to discuss your flower order

1 month before

- Finalize invoice with any updates

- Place flower order

Wedding Week
-  Monday: Wash buckets, vases, candle holders. Prep Vases with design mechanics. Pull all our supplies. Get out our comfy shoes, put on our apron and get those scissors sharpened! 

-  Tuesday & Wednesday: Drive all over tarnation meeting flower farmers to get you the freshest best blooms around (audiobooks are my savior!). Process flowers back at the studio. Everything gets a fresh cut and fresh water. Some things go in the cooler for safe keeping some things sit by a sunny window to start opening. We sweep and sweep and sweep and start making a TON of compost

- Thursday: We divide flowers so all the best of the best blooms are sure to go in your bridal bouquet and other statement pieces. Then we finally start the really fun part - DESIGNING! 

- Friday: More design and a lot more sweeping and composting. We might also be heading to your event site if there are complicated installs that start early. 

Wedding Day
- Get up super early to check on flower babies, chug coffee, and pack crew lunches. 
-  Carefully box and pack every single arrangement for transport. Play minivan tetris to get everything packed super securely for the ride to your venue. 

- Unpack everything we painstakingly packed. Water and primp each arrangement before it's placed. Install on site elements like arbors, flower walls and hanging pieces. SWEEP AGAIN! 

- Eat chocolate to calm our wedding cake cravings and celebrate you and your beautiful day! 

- Set our alarms so we can head back to the venue around midnight for more of that sweeping and backing we love so much :).