a yes season

I've always felt like some seasons move faster than others. For me Spring and Fall always feel over just as quickly as they begin. Everything changes so quickly it sometimes makes me feel sad. like i can't keep up... but mostly like I just wish i could slow down to savor it.  

This past  year as the business grew, I was running around in so many directions trying to keep up I started to worry that I wasn't savoring any of it. I started to doubt my tendency to always say "yes" to every opportunity. I worried I had to say "no" more just to slow things down. But then I saw these images from a spontaneous styled shoot I said "yes" to in Spring and I felt much better!  My constant "yeses" might make my  life really busy but they also give me purpose.

I  hustled to get all these flowers together.  I called a few farmers and I went on my own yard with clippers. I gathered every thing that was pretty about that t one particular spring day and got to bottle it in a bouquet. Tracy's photos are such a sweet reminder of that very busy week that otherwise would have blurred right by.  My yes approach made last year a little insane but it also let me make so many beautiful flower memories and helped me stretch that fleeting spring season all the way into winter.