movie style

Backyard weddings have been my thing ever since weddings were my thing.  My favorite movie growing up, Father of the Bride,  stamped this wedding style into my brain at a very early age.

Mallory & Alex's wedding  last June at a family home in Louisville, Kentucky was such a Father of the Bride moment for me. It had so many elements of that intimate at-home magic. The gorgeous river view, the greenery growing up the house, the peaked tent, it all felt so fairy tale. I'm so grateful that I got to be part of that beauty and even more grateful to Louisville wedding photographer Lynnesy Catron for capturing the day so flawlessly.

P.S. seeing all these photos inspired me to watched Father of the Bride again for the first time in years... i was so afraid that it would feel dated, less magical. it didn't. The backyard reception was still as twinkly and sweet and timeless. I think this wedding will always feel that way too.